Yurii Orlov

报告人职务/单位:Professor, Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia 报告题目:Digital Personalized Nutrition: the Problems and Solutions

Yurii Orlov is the head of the Department of Computational Physics and Kinetic Equations. He is active in the field of classical and quantum statistical mechanics, mathematical statistics and data analysis, with more than 200 publications. The main results relate to the field of quantization of dynamical systems, statistical mechanics of relativistic systems, mathematical statistics of non-stationary random processes and analysis of processes with high-intensity data flows. He is a member of the expert council of the Higher Attestation Commission in mathematics and mechanics and a member of three dissertation councils. He teaches both general courses in mathematical analysis and special courses on quantization of dynamical systems, non-stationary random processes and big data analysis.

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