Zhang Peng

报告人职务/单位:Deputy Director, China Satellite Meteorology Center, China 报告题目:Monitoring Meteorological Disasters with FY Satellite Data


Zhang Peng is the Deputy Director–General of National Satellite Meteorological Center (NSMC/CMA) of China Meteorological Administration, director of the Chinese meteorological polar-orbit-satellite FengYun 3 (FY-3) ground segment, chair of Global Space Inter-Calibration System (GSICS) executive panel, and Chief Director of Chinese TanSat satellite ground segment. He is a senior member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). His research experience covers the atmospheric remote sensing, satellite calibration and validation, and atmospheric radiative transfer calculation, etc. He received his master’s degree in atmospheric optics and Ph.D in atmospheric physics. He intensively involved in conceiving, developing, and operating FY-3 satellite ground segment. 

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